Correct steps of neat hair straightening


Learning the proper ways of straightening your hair stimulates a feeling of confidence and heightened self-esteem in regards to your appearance. Having the right tools and items, for example, a flat iron, to straighten your hair makes the process easy, safe and never to spark boredom. Besides the flat iron, which is common and most known, there are other essential tools that users can opt. Create a whole new look using the best hair straighteners so that you won’t feel shy among your friends or when getting out of your house.002

Straight hair provides an enormous amount of options, whistles, and bells to come with new catchy hairstyles and haircuts. Here, you’ll learn all the steps required to attain very smooth, soft and appealing straight hair.

Begin by washing your hair

Washing your hair always comes as the first step in straightening your hair. Washing the hair makes it soft and fluffy, and this is advisably done using a conditioner. If you have other hair appliances that are supposed to be applied during washing, you can use them, especially those that make the hair appear shiny. They make the hair appear more attractive after washing and well-set for the subsequent steps required.

Dry your hair

Mostly, drying the hair is done using a blow drier, but if you lack one, you can just leave the hair in open air for some time for it to dry. When using the blow dry, make sure that the warm air is directed towards the scalp to make the hair soft from the roots. At this time is when one can use a heat protectant to prevent excessive heat from tampering with the skin.

Segment and clip different hair sections

To effectively straighten the hair, it’s essential to divide it into sections, mostly four sections. This makes the process easy and more efficient. With the four sections separated and clipped, leave the back hair section hanging and begin straightening from the back.

Spray the hair with heat protectant

The heat protectant protects from excessive heat. It should be applied at each section at a time during the straightening process.

Straighten the hair

003With the four sections divided and the back section left to hang, divide it into small parts that can effectively be aligned in a single scissor-finger grip layer. Plunge the flat iron from the roots and smoothly but gently, pull it down towards the tips to make the follicles distinct and smooth.

Styling your hair

After the straightening process is completed successfully, one can now employ different hairstyles and haircuts. Applying different styles and haircuts will now become more appealing because of the hair appearance.