Merits Of Gel Nail Polish

The benefits of using gel nail polish are unsurpassed with no harmful chemicals, and the new state of the art LED technology, ladies can have the salon manicure and pedicure that they have always dreamed of as well as saving money.

Shorter Drying Time

Any traditional nail manicure has four layers of product applied to them, that is, one layer of base coat, two layers of nail polish and a layer of top coat. Sometimes more layers if nail art is included. Top coats are designed to protect the nail from chipping, and they add a gloss shine as well. It is designed to bond with the polish and good to go with the top coat. The downside is waiting for it to dry. Typically it takes about 20 minutes for nails to feel dry to the touch but it takes about three hours for nails to thoroughly dry, and that means being able to dig into pockets or your purse without fear of smearing or denting the polish.
On the other hand, gel nail polish is the complete opposite making it the best polish. The application procedure is in three steps that include the base coat, nail color, and gel top coat. The drying takes a shorter time simply because gel nails are cured under an ultraviolet nail lamp or light-emitting lamp that only takes about ten minutes, and you will not have to worry about any smearing or denting of polish.

Radiant Shine

Gel polish has an amazing, intense jewel-like shine that is quite attractive to the eye the rich, glossy top coat is beyond dazzling. The original formula keeps the top coat from dulling, so the glistening wet-look lasts and lasts for some time.

Longer and Stronger Wear

Gel nail polish can wear longer and stronger than traditional nail polish. This is because the base formula for gel polish colors is made with products that are more powerful than the nail enamel. Gel nail polish can even last up to fourteen days. If you are planning on taking a walk on the beach, fear not because the gel nail polish has a formula that resists chipping. If you want to go for a two-week vacation, worry not and take it because you will come back with your nails looking like they have just been freshly done. Gel nail polish can maximize your enjoyment and extend the durability of the design.