I have lived in Asheville NC since I was born practically…and in all those years I have never been to our local Botanical Gardens. Now, all my friends have and I know mounds of people who have had wedding/prom/engagement pictures made there. My assumption has been that behind the little wooden gate(that sets off the road not even 5 miles from my house)there was a few flower beds and plant information. An assumption has kept me and my kids from the most wonderful experience for more than 30 years. By chance, I stopped by a few weeks ago and I was completely blown away! There are acres of trails, fun creeks to play in gorgeous trees/flowers/plants – amazeballs! So I rushed home and brought the kids back and we’ve been hiking every weekend morning since! It’s the best…period. I’m not one for regrets but I sure wish I would have walked inside the little gate years ago…are assumptions keeping you from an amazing